At Jacob Roberts we offer an extensive portfolio of bespoke integrated furniture, custom fitted to ensure your design is the most functional and suited to your lifestyle as possible. Integrated furniture such as drawers, bins, spice racks, utensil compartments, are exceptionally helpful for reducing clutter in your home by not housing loose standing elements which probably only contribute a risk factor for children to fall over and bump into.
This integrated pull-out spice rack is available for viewing in our current showroom. The obvious benefit of this integrated furniture design is that it is out of sight and neatly tucked away, equally when you pull the spice rack out you can easily view all of your spices, so you don’t end up like me buying 4 of the same spice because it’s hiding at the back our cupboard. If you chose this spice rack to be included into your kitchen design, you could kiss goodbye to that supermarket spice turntable that takes up too much space to be valuable.
With recycling being an important consideration for areas, our integrated bin could help you organise your life! One section could be for recycling, general, and glass (if anyone could tell me why glass isn’t yet recyclable in Bedfordshire, that would be great!). It’s not uncommon to have come across this integrated furniture design before, the integrated bin is quite a popular function especially for newer builds. The highlight of our product is the size, the bin can be custom fitted to the exact length and depth of your cupboards, what this means for you…is less trips to the outside bin.
Potentially, one of my favourites even though this design is also commonly implemented. The functionality of separating knives, forks, spoons, and other utensils just fills me with an irrational amount of joy. But why wouldn’t you opt for a cutlery tray? Like, genuinely can someone answer me. As with everything we offer, this cutlery tray would be custom fitted and measured to your required size, and *drum-roll please* a range of materials and colours so that every aspect of your kitchen is consistent to your chosen theme and colours.
Honestly, I don’t feel the need to justify this design to you. These integrated pull-out drawers not only allows you to choose to hide away all your stuff, but the drawers allow you to physically see and reach all of its contents, ooo and it lights up when in use, oh and it has a soft-close mechanism, oh and it is an absolute must-have for any home. If you haven’t realised – I absolutely love this bespoke piece. Most clients aren’t even aware something like this exists, and to be honest neither did I until I started working for Jacob Roberts.
Let’s visualise – your reaching and struggling to reach the board game at the very back (which the children are insisting is their favourite, even though it hasn’t seen the light of day for months…potentially years), in contrast to using this piece where you could simply stroll over, gracefully pull out the drawer and retrieve whatever you heart desires (do you get the picture yet?), best yet – no need to worry about closing it, there’s the soft-close mechanism! To summarise, at Jacob Roberts we do everything in our power to resolve your every-day challenges with modern day solutions, such as integrated furniture whilst keeping the design completely custom made. The examples shown above are for the purposes of showing you the potential your kitchen holds, don’t be shy to reference this blog in your discovery session or during the design process.