Is your home feeling a little bit…meh? Like your home is
enjoyable but you could use some advice to transform the space from average to
a personalised unique setting. If you find yourself in this situation, never
fear when Jacob Roberts is near!

Let’s go over the basics, why should you have colour in your home? I’m sure you’ve heard before that colour can affect your mood and mental state, so I won’t drill that into your mind anymore. You can read all you like, what I am here to tell you is HOW to bring colour into your home. 

Option 1: Lighting

Recently, one of our clients opted for a Phillips Hue Light, a wireless lighting system that gives you full control of the lighting in the room, and so far we have only received rave reviews about the fact that you can schedule ‘routines’, meaning that I could have my dim warm light for my coffee, and then alter the brightness gradually throughout the day. And if you are feeling a little creative, there is a disco option!

Lighting can be overseen easily, but it can be a factor that could heavily affect the atmosphere in your home. In my house, we are constantly arguing about bright white light vs warm light. Personally, I don’t want a bright light blinding me when I go for my first cup of coffee for the day, but hey, that could just be me.

Equally, we are equipped to get create with your lighting features. What is known as (lights underneath compartments) is quite popular for installing ambience into a space, it’s a small detail but makes a huge difference, plus you’ll actually be able to see what’s hiding at the back of your cubby

Option 2: Worktop Choice

I’m not exaggerating, we could supply you with any and every colour, texture, and finish worktop imaginable, creatively there are no limits. However, if the small pessimist within you isn’t already suspecting so…it comes at a price. I would love to give you specifics on the precise number, but unfortunately it depends on your choice and preferences. The best solution to this hurdle is to be transparent with Catherine and Jen about your budget, and then the compromising process can begin. Often, clients end up loving the substitute more than their original choice!

Option 3: Door Colour

Choosing doors has proven to be surprisingly difficult, in a previous blog I explored the benefits of choosing either a True Handleless kitchen or a shaker kitchen. So, as well as worrying about handles, the pressure of choosing the right colour is also added!

What was most helpful was that one of our clients approached us with an image of a Greek town, and said ‘whatever you do, we want this captured in our kitchen’.  Further, Jen took the inspiration and presented them with colour palettes and combinations they could adjust.

If you aren’t as poetic as this example, and you have absolutely no idea how to co-ordinate your colours and styles, we use collaborative Pinterest boards to centralise our ideas as well as yours, to ensure that everyone is on the same page and feeling inspired to create your dream kitchen.

Option 4: Splashbacks

That bland stainless-steel plate on the wall in front of your stove…yes, we can change that! Dependant on the type of house you live in, your Splash Backs may be conventional and pre-installed to link your stove to your extractor hood. But silver isn’t your only option, we’ve had some bespoke splash back made for clients to individually suit the needs they have from their kitchen.

Some of the splash backs that are easiest to clean are those made from stainless steel, glass, or laminate, but there is nothing stopping you from considering a bare exposed brick feature. All these considerations including price, style and functionality can be incorporated into your bespoke kitchen designed by Jen.