Our clients wanted us to completely redesign the kitchen diner in their new build property.

We moved the existing dining area to the other end of the room and rose to the challenge of designing a fantastic new kitchen into the bay window. We built bespoke shelving into the boiler cupboard to allow for extra storage and added some open shelves either side of the hob with accent lighting. The end result is a fresh, modern and extremely stylish kitchen in blue with hints of wood to give it some warmth.


Client Brief/Lifestyle Requirements:

Space was the priority here, not just maximising it but also creating an easy, free flowing area for family and friends. Including a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen. Which is why our clients had completed a Knock-through extension before we fitted their kitchen into their Victorian Terrace house, as well as integrating design elements such as an exposed brick splashback and wood worktops as a nod to the origins of their house, as well as contributing to the effect the client requested.


Client Brief/Lifestyle Requirements:

These clients were renovating many rooms in their home at once, and consistently they wanted a clean, modern and stylish appearance, within the kitchen they specifically wanted to amplify space and practicality. For the tech-friendly family we included a charging drawer, under cabinet lighting, and smart Siemens appliances.


Client Brief/Lifestyle Requirements:

Our clients made it clear in their Discovery Session that space and storage was an absolute priority for their family kitchen, and that the atmosphere in the kitchen should be warm and welcoming. Which is why the descision was made to include a dark blue feature colour in co-ordination with their quartz worktop. With design features such as an integrated spice rack, open shelving island, and generous cupboard space.


Client Brief/Lifestyle Requirements:

The pressing challange with this project was space. The clients house did not allow for much kitchen space, so we chose collectively to maximise the storage we had by producing bespoke cabinets that fit his typical grocery shop, magic corners, minimal open shelving, stacking apliances where possible, and even integrating a peninsula for an easy breakfast bar set up. The materials used are very reflective of the clients’ style, and overall this project became our hidden gem.