In the world of kitchen worktops you’ve almost definitely heard of the usual suspects – granite, quartz, wood and laminate but what a lot of people fall in love with when they enter our showroom is Corian. But what is it?

A close up of some of the Corian samples we have in our showroom.

Corian is a solid, non-porous surface material made from acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate that is becoming increasingly popular amongst kitchen designers. It comes in a variety of colours from crisp white all the way to vibrant yellow making it a worktop choice that can work with any colour or style of kitchen. 

A trio of Corian samples on our showroom island with a Corian worktop.

So, along with the variety of colours, what makes Corian such a great choice in our eyes? Well, once heated corian can be molded to almost any shape in a process called thermoforming. One of our favorite things about this process is that it can be used on Corian to mould a stylish, seamless sink and upstands into your worktop. Not only does this look fantastic but with less seams in your worktop your prep space becomes more hygienic. Something we see as a big bonus for a room dedicated to preparing and enjoying food. 

Our showroom painted shaker door island with a Corian worktop.

Caring for your corian worktop, like any worktop requires a bit of thought now and again. Knowing how to take care of different materials is key to keeping them looking as good as new. Being mindful of things such as placing hot pans on your worktop and staining the surface are important to keep in mind. However, if you do scratch, stain or burn your worktop fear not! Corian can be fixed relatively easily. Stains can be removed with cleaning kits or in bad cases the damaged area can be cut out and replaced. The best bit about this? The replaced area won’t have any seams for you to worry about, as once its ahered together and sanded the join will be invisible to the eye. Burns can also be sanded away and since corian is the same colour all the way throughout the material you don’t have to worry about colour looking different underneath. Truly a worktop that is made to last.

If you think Corian could be a great choice for you and your home feel free to get in touch today and visit our showroom on Biggleswade High Street to see our Corian worktop and samples in person!