Our kitchens start at £12k and range to £50k+. The cost of your kitchen will ultimately be determined by the items on your wish list – the types of cabinetry, worktops, appliances and accessories. Of course, the size of your room is also an indicator of cost.

At the Discovery Session we will ask you what your budget is. We do this because we want to be able to cram as much kitchen into your space as possible and knowing your budget helps us achieve this.

No idea how much to allow for your new kitchen? we have produced some examples which will give you an idea of cost – just get in touch and we can send these over toy you.


DISCOVERY SESSION: Following your initial enquiry, we would invite you to the showroom for a client Discovery Session. The Discovery Session is free of charge and takes between 60-90 minutes. We would ask that both decision makers be present as we will be asking you a number of provoking questions which will identify your wish list and all the individual factors that we need to consider when designing your new room layout. We will also ask you your budget at this stage as this will allow us to assess whether we can practically achieve your desired kitchen within the constraints of your budget. At the end of the session, assuming that you wish to proceed to the design stage, we would agree that the ‘design fee’ be charged for the next stage. This fee is £250 + VAT.

SITE SURVEY & INITIAL DESIGNS: Following a visit to your home to carry out a site survey (if required) we would then schedule the design time and inform you of this, so that we can arrange for you to return and view the initial concepts. This process usually takes 7-10 days. During this time we will create at least three concept layout designs for your space and also create mood boards to give you an idea of how each room may look and feel.

CONCEPT MEETING: At the Concept Meeting you will be presented with at least three room layout designs. We like to push the boundaries, so often we will throw an extra design in for good measure or suggest a curveball! We will discuss the layouts in detail and if there are any minor adjustments necessary these will be carried out free of charge. More than likely, you will have fallen in love with one of the proposed layouts and you will then be able to choose your finishes – this is the fun part! We will talk you through the various door samples, finishes, worktops, appliances, handles and accessories available to you, and from this point we will be able to start working on your quote.

QUOTE PRESENTATION MEETING: Our design team will have produced full colour HD renders using your chosen colour finishes. You will be able to see your room from all angles and get a real feel for how the finished kitchen will look. We will present these to you along with a detailed quotation. If you wish to proceed with the order of the kitchen, we would ask for the deposit amount to be paid (25% of the total kitchen price) which will enable the plans to be released to you. If Jacob Roberts are carrying out an installation only service, then you will almost certainly want to share these designs with your tradespeople to ensure that the plumbing and electrical layout is correct prior to installation.

As a member of the Kbsa, your deposit amount is secure under your very own warranty policy, and policy documents will be sent directly to you within a fortnight of the payment being made.


We are not room planners, we are experienced kitchen designers and we offer a service that is extremely valuable to our clients. We will ensure that the kitchen is a space that will work for you, now and in the future. Taking time to understand how you use the space, how you cook, entertain and function as a family is key to our kitchen design service. We would argue that getting the layout wrong is going to be more costly to you in the future, than any fee at this early stage will be. The ‘design fee’ is intended to be a commitment to the time, value and expertise required to create several concepts for your space, based on the brief discussed, and this amount is then deducted from the balance of the kitchen when you purchase the kitchen from us.