Updating our home is something we all strive for, especially with the new year on its way but of course finding the time to start a big project can be challenging, which is why we’ve come up with a few easy concepts that quickly can add a fresh look to your home. 

Lighting is an important feature to your kitchen that is often overlooked. Changing your bulbs from warm lights to cool or vice versa is a great way to change the mood of your room. Cool lights can add an element of freshness to your space while a warmer light feel more homely. This is also a quick fix that if you have to change a bulb anyway is an easy task. 

One of our past projects where seating is used to add more personality to the space.

Another quick fix is simply switching out your seating for something fresh. Whether your swapping your bar stools or your dining chairs, changing the style to something more sleek and modern is a great way to update your space without changing your kitchen. Even adding a pop of colour into the room by choosing some more vibrant seating is perfect for keeping the energy of your room up. 

A blue kettle to add a splash of colour!

Talking about colour, something even simpler than changing your seating, what about choosing an accent colour and changing the colour of your plates, kettle and vases to it? This can add the perfect spark of consistent colour to your room without having to commit to any permanent change. Perfect for wanting to introduce a bold colour into your home without the worry of not being able to quickly change it back. Feeling brave and want to introduce some yellow into your kitchen? Add some cups and bowls to some open shelving and on the side and say hello to that burst of colour that you were craving!

A room centerpiece is another way to introduce something into your kitchen without the commitment of it being permanent. Perhaps an extravagant flower display, a large vase on your island or even a glass bowl which you fill and decorate for each season. Adding something beautiful to draw the attention of your family and guests to every time they enter the room is a fantastic step towards making your kitchen the heart of your home. An added bonus of making it a seasonal decoration is being able to have fun as a family decorating it together, whether it’s christmas, autumn or spring!

Changing your curtains is a brilliant way to introduce colour or pattern into your space. Now days there is so much variety on the market and at such a range of prices. Your eye is naturally drawn to windows so why not take advantage of this and add a spark of personality to the room. 

All in all, there are a variety of ways to keep your home looking fresh and unique to you. Whether it’s changing your lighting or adding some stylish blinds to your space, rest assured, if you put your mind to it you can make your home a WOW space in no time. 

If your looking to completely transform your home and re-imagine your kitchen, bedroom or living room get in touch with us and start the conversation on how we can make your space perfect for you and your family! Simply pop in our showroom on Biggleswade High Street or contact us on 01767 448654 or info@jacob-roberts.co.uk.