So, you want a fitted wardrobe, but you’re not sure what to do first. Hopefully, you’ve started that Pinterest Board and you’ve been pinning away for inspiration, if not, never fear you can check out our Pinterest board to familiarise yourself with your options. But congratulations! You’ve come to the right place to take the steps towards your perfect fitted wardrobe built exactly for your lifestyle.  

Step 1: Measure Your Space

So often we get enquiries for  Fitted Wardrobes, and one of the first things we ask is to measure your space – it doesn’t have to be perfect to the mm, but a rough idea will give our team the opportunity to prepare and better understand what your needs are from the potential space. And by measuring your space, you will have a better idea of the potential space you get to play with – decide which wall you want to dedicate to the wardrobe, if you want it floor-to-ceiling, how many shelves you want and so the list goes on. But it remains, the first step is to whip out the measuring tape. We found this great technique to keep track of your measurements – write it out on an image! Simple, but smart.  

Sourced from @suus_interiordesign

Step 2: Outline Your Needs Of The Space

The chances are, you wouldn’t be seeking out a fitted wardrobe if your current wardrobe was meeting all your needs – appearances or storage wise. We recommend that you take a moment to sit away from distractions (easier said than done, I know) to really brainstorm your needs from the space – do you need to make space for your pile of shoes? Or is it a pile of coats? Do you need more space to hide Christmas presents? Whatever it is that defines your requirements – write it down before it slips your mind. 

Step 3: Get Creative

Fitted Wardrobes became an undying trend for a reason, there are so many options! It’s not out-of-the-box standard furniture, so you can truly make it your own. See below for some inspiration – previously we have included a desk space for a client’s vanity area and attached a full-length mirror on a 180 hinge so that she could open it up fully and get rid of her loose-standing mirror that consumed too much space.  

Step 4. Work with us to achieve your dream wardrobe  

Your part of the process is complete after you’ve brainstormed and outlined what you need most from the space. From then on, leave the creation and heavy lifting of your fitted wardrobe to us. Off course, your opinion and needs are most valued during the process, which is why we function the way we do, outlined below for you: 

  • Initial Contact  
  • Design Consultation  
  • Site Survey  
  • Concept Presentation  
  • Final Design Sign Off  
  • Installation  
  • Happiness!  

By consulting a minimum of three times as your design progresses, you have every opportunity to feedback and ultimately design your fitted wardrobe. This also ensure that there is no miscommunication between our team and yourself. We also provide as many visual references as possible through renders, tours and sample materials (as we are currently in the 3rd national lockdown, we still provide materials by sending materials to your door and utilising our Virtual Design Service).  

So what are you waiting for? Get in contact today!