The general consensus is that the relief of 2020 ending trumps any fear for what 2021 will bring, but without getting political, here are a few things that 2021 is forecasted to bring to the table in the coming year.  

1. Out With The Grey, In With The Blue

According to Insider, the trend that stuck within the industry for so long is now on its way out. Kitchens that mostly featured statement plain grey or white cabinetry, worktops and appliances are no longer going to be in high demand, for the reason being that – subjectively, off course – the colours can easily make a harsh and icy impression. Which for most families is the opposite of their intended effect, now, the prediction is that indigo blues and darker greens will feature in kitchens to bring colour and warmth into the room.  

A large kitchen island with a dark blue feature colour. U-shaped kitchen surrounding the island with Quartz worktops.
A JR Kitchen completed in 2020 featuring Quartz worktops and Splashback with dark blue kitchen island feature.

2. The Black Tap

How this is only becoming a trend now will forever be lost to me. How sleek! All variants of black taps have come in quite high demand from chrome plated to matte. And although it might strike as an acquired taste, more clients are opting for this aesthetic than you might think – including one of our current running projects!  

To support the tap, black statement butler sinks are also being brought onto the scene. And what’s best – although they look fantastic, these butler sinks are also incredibly handy when it comes to washing up given their depth…although it does run the risk of allowing a huge pile of dishes to gather 😊  

3. Staying Eco-Friendly

Yes, this trend is by no means new but is being brought to the forefront of clients’ minds again. The Royal Institute of British Architects found that

‘’40% of homeowners have intention of including environment enhancing design features like increased energy efficiency’’

Royal Institute of British Architects

 Which brings us to the rise of the Induction Hob that is more eco-friendly than gas and electric, as well as being super easy to clean and maintain. Why not head over to our blog which explains the ins and outs of an induction hob.  But other than replacing appliances, you can also do your part by simply changing some cleaning products. Recently, I uncovered a brand called Method who as their slogan says,

‘’we’re on a mission to fight dirty. 
to make your home cleaner, greener + more colourful 
with products delightfully designed with the planet in mind.’’.

method cleaning products

And I have to say, as well as doing my part for the planet – your hands also don’t get that dried out feeling after working with intensive products. *by no means is this a sponsored post  

4. The ‘L’ WordThe ‘L’ Word

L shaped kitchens! You might not have considered this one, but the shape of your kitchen can dictate a lot about your storage and functionality. And whether you are a client specifically requesting an L shaped kitchen, or you have been graced with one but trying to make the most out of it…here’s a few benefits.  

  • L Shaped Kitchens naturally bring about an open plan living environment which improves the flow and movement within your room  
  • Open Shelving is your best friend, it avoids the cramped-in style that cabinets would have brought to your space 
  • Keep your options open with an island which could be fitted to give you a laid-back seating area 
  • Or even if an island isn’t an option for you, consider a dining room table to keep the family within chatting-distance  
  • Minimal floor space is used which gives you more space to freestyle dance in the kitchen (we all do it)  
  • The working triangle theory is at its best potential here, by reducing the distance between cleaning, cooking and cooling. Theoretically, this makes you ultra-efficient 
  • Insider hack – by choosing glossy surfaces light will be bounced around better leaving you with a more spacious environment  

5. No More Handles

Controversial topic – to handle or not to handle…. According to Harris, the argument is finally taking a sway toward the True Handleless modern aesthetic in the world of kitchens, and handles are just not needed anymore. With client reviews raving that this style is easier to clean, less risky for children, and the sleek and clean look it gives the space. But I personally still treasure the occasional country style shaker kitchen that walks through our doors. 

Check out our blog post: To Handle or Not To Handlefor more information 


6. What island can you safely travel to during a pandemic?

Your kitchen island!! 😊 Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Now to get to the point – as open plan kitchen specialists we see our fair share of kitchen island designs but turns out so is the rest of the world because the appeal is just too obvious – more worktop space, more seating space, more storage and so it goes on.  And more recently another function it seems to have – the perfect place to hold a Zoom meeting, you can easily spread out your papers and your laptop, and the lighting in a kitchen is undefeatable. How about you? Would you like a Kitchen Island?  

7. Farewell to Open Shelving

It’s been tried and tested, and the results are mixed. Some clients enjoy the appearance open shelving gives, some find it functional and others don’t. But the point remains that not a lot of clients are fighting for this feature the way they would for an American Fridge Freezer or Quartz Worktop. The feedback has been that Open Shelving simply attracts too much dust and doesn’t give enough storage. They will forever by a pretty feature, but subjectively not a functional one. So let’s keep our eyes peeled for the rare breed in 2021! 

8. Light ’em up

To compensate for the dark months, and dark mood 2020 has left us with light features will be the highlight of 2021.  If it’s a large pendant lighting, or strip lights or spotlights or a large window feature, clients want more light, and after all it has been scientifically proven to improve the health and wellbeing of your mindset. With more and more of us working from home, a little bit of light is all we need.