So, you want to change your kitchen and it’s time to think of the details. To handle or not to handle. There are pro’s and con’s to each decision, and I am here to walk you through it. Considering that each household has different needs and tastes, take this as a conversation starter. My personal preference is mix and matched rustic handles, but when we had a little one running around the house I remember he used the drawer handles as a step to get on the counter, leaving us with loose handles all the time. Not ideal. Hence, we opted for the handleless option.  

Bow handles, cup handles, bar handles, knobs. How to decide? It could be seen as a benefit that handles seem endless in possibilities but could easily result in a headache due to hours of indecision. However, each kitchen is different and unique to it’s household, it’s worth exploring the added character handles can give your kitchen.   Benefits of the classic knob include:

  • Holds character 
  • Can be more practical for those with large hands or long nails!  
  • Suitable for a more traditional kitchen  
  • Handles are interchangeable  

Have you heard of the term ‘True Handleless Kitchen’? If you haven’t, it’s a reference to a style the nation has fallen in love with. The style doesn’t just refer to a door missing a handle, the most common ‘J-grip’ leaves your kitchen with unbroken lines and the impression of symmetry, most suitable for modern kitchens, but isn’t restricted by material or colour. We have J-grip doors in wood, gloss or matte finishes. Not to mention that the handleless option follows suit for the minimalist look and lifestyle. To summarise, the benefits are:

  • Easier to clean with less space for dirt to hide away  
  • Arguably safer with less opportunities for children to bump into (theoretically) 
  • Less decision making  
  • Modern style 

So, I’ve left you potentially more confused than you were before, or I’ve just given you more ideas for your pinterest board. Ultimately, your kitchen is your space, so do what’s best for your family hub.

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