If you’ve been looking for a new kitchen, chances are you’ve had your eye on an American fridge freezer, wondering if it could work for your space. Well before you make up your mind here are the pros and cons you need to know before splashing your cash and getting one!

One of our previous projects with a design that in includes an American Fridge Freezer along with a fantastic working island.

The Pros

The most obvious pro when thinking about American fridges is of course their look, they’re certainly a wow feature for any kitchen and an excellent statement for your room. Whether you’re a budding cook with a passion for food or a happy family with a fridge that’s always full of food it’s a great addition to your home. 

The extra storage and shelf space is another huge benefit to an American fridge. Not only does it allow you to store more but the added luxury of space will give you room to arrange and organise your food just how you like. No more cramming everything onto one shelf because the rest of the fridge is full. 

The added addition of an ice and water dispenser is also a great feature, especially if you love your cool drinks in the summer. We also find that having an easily accessible water dispenser encourages you and your family to hydrate more. 

The Cons

Starting with the cons, the first thing you need to know about the American fridge freezer is it’s big, really big, which of course is fantastic for storage however what most people don’t realise is that this means you can’t place it wherever you’d like. For instance an American fridge can’t go next to a wall due to doors opening wider than the fridge itself. 

An American fridge also sticks out further than a regular fridge, being between 60cm and 80cm deep, which is something to be mindful of when thinking of the overall kitchen design. You also need to keep in mind the fact you’ll need a recommended 5cm at the back and 3cm around the sides and at the top left for ventilation. 

A stylish kitchen with island and American Fridge Freezer, demonstrating how the fridge sticks out from the other units.

Most American fridges also come with water dispensers and ice makers that will need to be plumbed directly into the mains. Although not a major job it’s one many people don’t realise is on the to do list before adding this feature into their space. 

All in all

Pinterest, a great way to gather your ideas together.

Overall an American fridge is a big feature of your kitchen. It’s both a wow factor and commitment to your kitchen design as a whole. There are some fantastic examples of beautifully placed fridges that fit wonderfully into the space, so if you’re looking for inspiration you’ll find no shortage online on pages such as Pinterest. 

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