When designing a new kitchen it’s easy to get overwhelmed by design ideas, making it hard to narrow down what you want. That’s why we’ll just be focusing on the benefits of open shelving, so you can either add it to or cross it off your kitchen wish list! 

A recent project of ours featuring open shelving above the sink and prep area for ease of access and style.

The first thing about open shelving is that it’s much cheaper due to the obvious lack of doors and units. It uses less material and of course there’s no hinge or handles to worry about. This cost factor makes the option to have open shelving that much sweeter! 

A stunning past project of ours that utilised a small amount of open shelving to add a unique design feature to their space!

Another great reason to consider open shelving is that it allows you to display your favourite ornaments and crockery pride of place in open view! Do you have a favourite tea set or would love to have some of your potted herbs sitting happily on a shelf in the kitchen? Open shelving is a great way to have them on view and to hand. It’s also possible if you have any favourite ornaments to have a shelf made to their measurements! Just another benefit of a personalised kitchen design.

An example of storage jars in a rustic kitchen.

Ease of access is of course a great benefit of open shelving. It allows you to see what’s where and allows you to get to it easily. A great tip is to consider combining open shelving with clear storage jars filled with your essential cereals, flour, sugar etc. This is the perfect way to keep an eye on how much of each thing you have left as well as keeping it to hand. We also find that storage jars make a really lovely decoration when kept neat and organised. 

A previous project of ours and a perfect example of using open shelving to display ornaments and family pictures.

But how does it affect you having your pots and pans on show on open shelves? The truth is it forces you to keep your shelves neat and tidy.  Whether that’s a positive or a negative is up to you however we’ve heard from people who have open shelves that this makes them a lot more mindful of the stuff they have stored in their kitchen. It forces you to keep things decluttered and appreciate what you decide to keep on show which in our eyes is an amazing mindset to have. 

Open shelving in a sleek, stylish part project of ours! Love the pop of colour the plants add to the space.

And of course lastly the best perk of open shelving is that it adds a fantastic design element to your space, making your new kitchen totally Pinterest worthy! It can be a great feature, breaking up a group of wall units, adding interest to the room. This variety of storage in a kitchen not only looks great but as seen in previous points is extremely practical! For those of us who rely on Alexa for our music, recipes & timings, you can also build a space for her right in the heart of your home.

We hope this has settled your mind as to whether open shelving is on your kitchen wish list but if you’re still on the fence feel free to get in touch or pop into our showroom on Biggleswade High Street.