Home Office

At Jacob Roberts we build our designs around your lifestyle, and Covid-19 has drastically altered everyone’s lifestyle. Your morning commute could have turned from a 50 minute train ride to a simple walk down the stairs, and with no near end in sight, let’s help you build yourself a space that meets your needs exactly.

We can’t offer you a brochure simply because of the bespoke nature of our service, no two people are the same…so why should your home be? Previously, we have custom sized a shelf in our factory to fit our clients’ huge CD collection, and for all our book readers out there – how annoying is that one book that isn’t a set size? And the fact that bookshelves aren’t built for actual book sizes? Regardless of the tiny inconveniences, we can design a space built especially for you, whilst making it look stylish.

Why you need a Jacob Roberts Home Office

We all know paperwork can get out of hand…which is why at JR we ensure that you have sufficient desk space in your office. And let’s not get started on pens! They always seem to be laying around in the way, until you need one and they seem to disappear, not a single pen to be seen in sight. But hopefully, our easy-to-organise drawer design solves this problem for you. And this one goes for all my avid book readers out there – how annoying is it when an author decides to change the height of a book, instead of keeping it a standard size? Also, how come book shelves aren’t measured to fit standard book sizes? Never mind, at JR we can custom size your units because we have a small factory at our disposal. Previously, we custom fit shelves for a clients’ huge CD collection.

Our Process

Just as with our designs, our process depends entirely on you and what you need. Often, clients choose to stay with us through the whole process from design to installation. But the option is there for you to choose design and supply only, and you can source your own installation service, or try to put it together yourself 😉


Fitted Wardrobe


Fitted Wardrobe