When it comes to design its important to gather a wide variety of inspiration before you settle on your vision. You don’t want to jump into a project only to realise that there was an aspect you wish you’d have included. That’s why its so important to make sure you’ve explored as many concepts and designs as you can before you fully commit. 

At Jacob Roberts we use Pinterest to not only gather inspiration ourselves but also to collaborate with you, our client, to see what kind of images your interested in. This can give us a great insight into the types of styles, colours and features your interested in without you saying a word, letting the collective of images speak for themselves. 

Pinterest is always keeping current, popular designs at the forefront of its searches meaning that not only are the types of kitchens you’re looking at up to date but also fresh, sure to update the feel of your home. This is important to consider as you don’t want to put your all into a redesign only to feel left behind a few years later, needing another update to your space. Our aim is to create a space that keeps you smiling for years to come, not to just keep you satisfied, having you say “it’ll do”. 

Pinterest is full of ideas to suit every style and taste! Whether your into blue shaker style kitchens or white handleless designs.

Another reason for using pinterest as a tool is because it’s so convenient. It can be used on your mobile or pc, meaning if you get a spare couple of minutes you can easily start looking for ideas! There’s nothing better than having a flash of inspiration on the train and being able to gather your thoughts straight away.

Pinterest also allows us and our designers to collaborate with you, also pining ideas to your board, helping us explore as many possible outcomes for your kitchen as possible. Not only does this help the design process but also keeps the conversation going between us and our clients. For us it’s important that were all on the same page. It’s all about collaborating ideas to create the best possible outcome for your home and pinterest is an amazing tool for allowing us to do this.

Pinterest allows us to collaborate with our clients from the comfort of your home. No need for extra meetings! Pin when an idea comes to mind and our designers will do the same!

Overall once you see the benefits of pinterest its difficult to stop pinning! There is a whole well of ideas out there and pinterest allows you to easily discover and be inspired by them, so it’s no wonder we adopted this as part of our process. 

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