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Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard it all before – ‘we value you as a customer’, ‘we want to look after you and meet your needs’, and although it sounds like a generic marketing line I’m here to highlight to you some of our most bespoke projects from across our portfolio to prove that your home transformation is genuinely tailored by you, one could argue our team is simply a very educated delivery service  for your dream space. If you don’t want to take our word for it, check out our Google Reviews. 

Jacob Roberts is KBSA (The Home Specialists Association) Approved
We are KBSA approved!

To summarise what this post has in store for you, Jacob Roberts delivers bespoke, specialist services in the following: kitchen design, transformation, knock-throughs and extensions. In support of this, we are KBSA approved. 

Not only do we offer extensive services for kitchen transformations, but we also provide services for TV & Media Units and Fitted Wardrobes. These projects tend to be so bespoke and fluid that it is almost impossible to even provide a brochure! Clients approach us with many different ideas and organic spaces that our only option is to work collaboratively and produce a completely unique space.  

Kitchen Transformations

What does that even mean? Let me tell you. At Jacob Roberts we pride ourselves in the work we do, the projects we produce. Leaving your kitchen in the hands of Cat and Jen will be the best decision you’ve ever made. I’ve included some before and after pictures to show you that no kitchen is too dark, too small or too far gone to be saved by our team.  

Sometimes, your home space needs a little more than a trip to IKEA. If you value your kitchen now, just wait until our design team transforms your space from stock standard to bespoke paradise. For example, in these pictures – I couldn’t even explain to you the creative direction needed to bring light and life into this space.  

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But wait – what if I don’t want to change my kitchen beyond recognition? Absolutely acceptable as well, we often have clients specify which aspects of their kitchen they would like to change, which benefits both parties to produce the best result possible. Often, these aspects include appliances which are still in perfect condition. And if you read our recent blog regarding sustainability, we could all agree that keeping appliances that are in fine condition is the most environmentally friendly option to choose. However, we will walk you through your options as we do highly recommend Siemens appliances which are Wi-Fi capable.  

To summarise, Kitchen Transformations simply refers to the fact that our projects are incredibly bespoke and well done, that effectively, we have transformed your space to suit your lifestyle, family and friends.  

Project Management

Surprise! We offer project management services as well! So, you could sit back, relax, and watch us do all the heavy lifting. Although it is an optional service, we do highly recommend you choose to include this for the simple reason it makes the process an ‘us’ problem instead of a ‘you’ problem. And even more transparently, the level of communication being held between us and the trades*, would take place in any event, and so by choosing our project management service we also have more fluidity and established relationships to most benefit your project process.  

The main concern with project management is the client feeling out of touch with the happenings of their project, but as a solution to this, we send regular updates and provide a schedule of work for you, so that you know who, what and when to expect developments in your project. *Suppliers, Fitters, Electrics, Flooring, Painter, Plasterer, Builder

Kitchen Extensions

Extensions have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with many people realising that an extension is smoother, and cheaper than going through the process of moving into a new house. As well as the added fact that extensions can be personalised to your space and needs of the household. Quite often, clients choose to carry out an extension with us to allow them the option of an open plan kitchen, or to fit an island into their kitchen to effectively multi-purpose their space.  

The starting point for a kitchen extension would first be to establish if one is needed, which can be done during our discovery sessions in the showroom. Our team will walk through the opportunities of your kitchen with you with examples of previous projects and price ranges. Choosing an extension with us will mean that we co-ordinate trades such as landscapers, electricians, plumbers, plasterer, decorator, floor layer, builders etc.  

Fitted Wardrobes

Is there a need for me to explain the benefits of fitted wardrobes? I don’t think so, everyone knows that they are incredibly space saving and beneficial for storage…and the obvious visual appeal of a fitted wardrobe is stunning and pleasing. A lot of new clients are unaware that we do fitted wardrobes, but it is one of my favourite aspects of the business, especially when a bookshelf or a vanity area is added to the design. Fitting for wardrobes take approximately 2 days, which is an added bonus.  

However when looking at price, and project size there are many things to consider such as  

  • Full carcasses
  • Front Frame
  • Sliding Doors
  • Type, style and colour
  • Internal gadgets (mirrors, lights, drawers)

As a rule of thumb, the more bespoke your design will be the higher the price will become, there are times when our design team can help you reach a final design as close to your ideal wardrobe as possible whilst cutting prices, the best way in which you can access full information for your personal agenda, is to book a discovery session with our design team.  

TV & Media Units

Your living room is potentially the space where you do the most entertaining, so why not add extra storage to your space as well as adding visual appeal, a space to show off those lovely family photographs, or that book collection, or your Blu-Rays?  

Due to the bespoke nature of TV & Media units, every project is unique in terms of standard design and materials used, in the example below we custom fitted the height of the shelves to a standard CD height, on request of the client, which leaves this gorgeous clean impression of the unit. The main point that we can provide for you regarding units, is that the bespoke nature of this service indicates that the project is based upon your requests and preferences, instead of a stock brochure.  

If you are in any doubt, never hesitate to contact the Jacob Roberts Team, we are always happy to help. 🙂