If you’ve been following Jacob Roberts and Rob and Cat’s amazing journey for any amount of time you’ve seen how the company has bloomed, producing some amazing kitchen spaces and transforming how families function in their homes! 

I’ve had the joy of being behind the scenes, posting on our social media and typing away at blogs for over two years now and it’s been an absolute blast. I truly could not recommend Jacob Roberts more; I’ve seen how much effort and love goes into each and every client and how hard they work. It’s inspirational!

So as my last blog I thought I’d share some of my favourite memories with you!

Lock down at the onion shed!

This story is from one of my first shifts at JR when we weren’t in the fantastic Highstreet store you see today, oh no, we were in an onion shed that through some wizardry was converted into a showroom and office! I still can’t believe how magical it was to walk into that place for the first time, strolling past the piles of onions to find a door that led to kitchen heaven! But on this particular shift I was left to turn the lights off and lock up. It was only when I heard a big thud that I realised what had happened. The giant shed doors to the onion shed had been locked with me inside. The farmer had seen Rob leave and thought the office was empty. You can imagine my panic. I frantically knocked on the door and went searching for another exit feeling like an Indiana Jones of the kitchen and onion world! You’ll be glad to hear at the other end of the shed there was another open door and I made it home feeling like a mighty adventurer! 

Family is key!

Throughout my time at JR I’ve always known it was a family business at heart! Nothing showed this more than being around the company the time baby Rhiannon was born. There’s nothing more beautiful and inspirational than seeing a fresh new-born face in the world. Not only was it magical to see the Guinian family grow and my bosses be so happy, but as Rhiannon got older it was even more amazing to see Cat be a mother and run the business like a true champion! If ever there was a real-life superwoman it’d be her! 

A trolley full of festivity!

JR moving from the onion shed to a Highstreet shop was no small achievement. The whole office was buzzing with anticipation for its opening on the evening of the Christmas light switch on Biggleswade Highstreet. We’d prepared the shop with a musician out front, an army’s worth of mince pies and bottles of mulled wine to celebrate with the public! Not only was it wonderful to see so many faces take an interest in what we do but I will never forget having to go to ASDA to buy our party supplies and getting the strangest looks from people as we loaded up boxes upon boxes of mince pies and bottles of mulled wine. It was the most festive shopping experience I think I had ever done and made for a fantastic grand opening!  

Although my time at JR is up to pursue my artistic dreams, it’s a company and experience I will never forget. I’m so proud to have been a part of such a wonderful business and so many amazing projects. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you and good luck!