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What do we do?

At Jacob Roberts we want to bring families together by changing the way that the kitchen is used by completely transforming the space to allow the whole family to enjoy it. We believe the kitchen is no longer a space to simply cook a meal – it has become a place in which to socialise, to laugh, to cry, to share stories and to drink endless cups of tea (or wine!) while you talk about your day.

What is on your kitchen wish list? Whether it is a larder cupboard, an American fridge-freezer or an island, an experienced kitchen designer will find a way to incorporate the items into your new space, and if they can’t they’ll think outside of the box and find a damn good alternative! Getting the layout of your new kitchen right from the start will save you years of frustration from a lack of worktop space, a lack of storage or badly designed traffic flow. We have been designing and installing kitchens for over 16 years and know what it takes to create a space that works. Our client Discovery Sessions enable us to really understand what you don’t like about your current kitchen, and what it will take to make your new one a place you will want to spend every minute in.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We are so passionate about kitchen design that we have published a bestselling book on this very subject. The Lifestyle Kitchen is a reference point for all our knowledge about Kitchen Design that we are sharing with you, you can grab a copy via Amazon., or pop into the shop. Our book exclusively includes our very own framework applied to each and every project of ours to ensure that both parties walk away satisfied with the outcome.

We were also thrilled to be invited to speak at Grand Designs Live and to act as an advisor on their Ask the Expert panel.

Having the ability to manufacture our own cabinetry in our own intimate factory means that we are able to design kitchens that are truly personalised to you and your space. We are passionate about problem-solving and this allows us to do just that.

To find out more about our design service and how we can help you to transform your home by designing a kitchen that is, put simply, made for you, please visit our FAQ page here.

Have you recently moved?

If you are a new home owner in the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire area, and you would like to transform your home to suit your own lifestyle requirements and taste, Jacob Roberts has a service especially for you. Forget about out-of-the-box furniture, let’s build you a home from start to finish, every inch made bespoke for you. Excited? Head over to our Home Buyers Package.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our seasonal offers!

Quality Gauranteed

We are proud to be a part of the KBSA Association. All Kbsa members follow an Approved Code of Conduct and are subject to strict monitoring to make sure that customers get the best professional service available and that we meet industry standards.

  • Design: A personal design service offering innovative design advice to perfectly complement your home.
  • Confidence: Excellent value for money with plans and prices agreed in advance.
  • Installation: Installation by fully qualified local specialists, with everything arranged for you.
  • Satisfaction: The whole job completed on time and on budget, leaving you with the reassurance that the after sales team will take care of you when your project is complete.


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We have used Catherine and Robert to design our kitchen and we have been so impressed by their approach and the resulting design. Their approach is totally focussed on designing you a kitchen that suits your lifestyle and your needs…We have ended up with a fabulous kitchen design that absolutely meets our needs and is so much better than anything else than we’d got from anyone, proving that in this case at least, you really do get what you pay for. Our building work doesn’t start until 2020, but we can’t wait to see our kitchen come to life under Robert and Catherine’s careful stewardship. If you are looking for someone to design you your dream kitchen do give Jacob Roberts a go.​ Catherine Woolfe