We all know the kitchen is the heart of the home but when that heart becomes less organised, cluttered and just plain outdated it’s easy to understand why it can make our house feel less homely. That’s why we’ve put together a few ideas to get your kitchen back to being the joyful hub it deserves to be!

A project of ours featuring a stunning kitchen island and plenty of space for the family!

Kitchen islands

The kitchen island has been a popular and trendy feature of many kitchens but not only is this a stylish way to add more prep space to your room, it also encourages you as a family to spend more time together. Giving you an area to gather around, the kitchen island is the perfect place to cook, play board games or have breakfast together. Definitely something to consider if you are missing that all too precious family time. 

Pocket doors or Slide&Hide ovens

Want your family to spend more time in the kitchen but when you’re cooking there’s just not enough room? As you open cupboards to get to your pots and pans you inevitably end up blocking routes through the kitchen for the rest of your family. Definitely a pain if more than one person is cooking. A great solution to this are pocket doors or Slide&Hide ovens! Able to open and slide out of the way while you cook, they’re the perfect solution for anyone with a tight kitchen. 

Make more room

One of our kitchen knock throughs, allowing our clients space to include their dream kitchen features.

One of our main suggestions for family living is taking the leap and knocking a wall through into the wider home to create an open plan kitchen, diner, living room area. Not only does this give you so much more room to play with but from a family perspective allows you to spend more time together as it becomes the main hang-out place of the house. Great if you want to keep an eye on the kids too while you prepare dinner.   


Once you’ve created the space, booth seating is a greatly underappreciated kitchen feature! It’s the perfect way to create a relaxed seating area that is the go to place for socialising in your home. From personal experience they’re great for sitting down, having a coffee and playing board games with your friends and family. Not to mention wonderful places to relax after a hard day’s work with a magazine in one hand and a glass of something in the other. Just saying… 

Soft close

Lastly, one of the most asked for features by our clients who have families are soft close drawers. We understand the pain of hearing that ‘CLUNK’ every time your kids slam the cutlery drawer which is why all of our doors & drawers come with soft closers as a standard feature. 

All in all

We hope these ideas have sparked some inspiration for you and your family! If you’d like to find out more ways to improve your family home and kitchen feel free to get in touch or visit our showroom on Biggleswade High Street.