So, it’s time to give your kitchen a refresh, or it’s simply time to replace that half-working tap. And you’re really not sure where to begin, or you would simply like to make an informed decision. Whichever it is – you have come to the right place. This blog will take you through a classic pro and con list, as well as considering your lifestyle requirements which will help match the tap to your kitchen.

Throughout this piece, it is important to remember that each household has unique requirements and what works for one might not the other. Another piece of advice I would offer is – buy cheap, buy twice. It’s recognised with most purchases that the middle ground is the best to go to ensure that you truly get your money’s worth, and on that note – where possible, choose a tap that has a warrantee because not only does this prove the seller is confident in their product, but it also covers yourself. And if you ever have any concerns or doubts, we have an expert – Catherine – on our team who is incredibly well informed in appliances and accessories and will give you an unfiltered review.

Do you drink a lot of tea?

These winter months certainly leave me craving a good cup of tea multiple times a day, or coffee for a good fix. And if you can relate to this on any level, I highly recommend an Instant Boiling Tap. Not only does it cut your waiting time for the kettle (in fact you probably won’t need that kettle anymore) but it’s also a sustainable choice in the kitchen. Check out our Sustainable September blog for more information. We have an instant boiling tap in the shop and a member of our team, Catherine, has one installed at home so you can believe us when we vouch for this tap. Our general recommendation is Quooker because we have tried and tested the brand with no negative feedback to highlight, so unless it is by you request as our client to choose another brand, we believe Quooker is the way to go.  



  • Convenient  
  • Instant hot water
  • Easy to use and clean  
  • Declutters your worktop  
  • Wastes less water  
  • Child-proof  
  • Eases mobility for those who struggle to lift and pour  


  • Limescale filters aren’t included (additional cost to consider)  
  • Some Cupboard space will be lost due to water tank being fitted 
  • Dearer up-front cost ranging from £500-£1,000  

Are you an avid cooker? 

If you find yourself cooking in the kitchen and working with a lot of vegetables or using large pots and pans, you’ll be happy to hear this. Spray taps are no longer just for commercial kitchens or limited for restaurant kitchens, you can now have one in the comfort of your own home. Who’s excited?! The optimal use of this tap is with a 1.5 or 2 bowl sink, you can easily control the temperature and flow – imagine you’re rinsing vegetables in one and washing dishes in the other. As always, there are two sides to every option: 


  • Flexibility and free movement  
  • Tends to have multiple spray options for different apliances/utensils
  • Increased functionality  


  • Not suitable for small kitchen  
  • Works best on stealthy worktops such as granite 
  •  Requires a strong sink material such as stainless steel  

What’s your water pressure system like? 

Honestly, to me this feels like another hurdle on the unexpectedly long journey to purchasing your perfect tap. But it remains important. To choose a tap that is compatible with your water pressure is arguably the most important factor over appearances and functionality. The main concern with water pressure Is if you have a low-pressure system you are restricted on your choices and can find out the compatibility of your chosen tap via the product description or ask our team, and although this might sound like a loss it can save you money on your water bills making it a gain. On the other hand, if you have a high-water pressure system – vented or unvented – there is no need to worry…the tap world is your oyster.


Finishes on almost everything seems like an afterthought, the cherry on top, but if you are well informed you’ll see that choosing the right finish can work towards your advantage.

Brushed Steel Taps are mostly chosen for the cleanliness factor as fingerprints don’t appear and it consistently provides a clean hygienic appearance.  

Stainless Steel Taps remain true to its reputation of being an all-around decent tap, it’s durable, easy to clean, and has no reaction to heat changes. As well as providing the finishing touches to a modern, sleek kitchen.  
Coloured Taps, if you looked at our 2021 Trend Forecast you would have noticed that The Black Tap is making a sight-worthy appearance in many stylish homes. Best yet, they offer the same functionality as any other tap does. However, the feature comes at a price, a niche price.  
LED Coloured Taps, is your house tech-friendly? Are you (or have you got) a technological fan in your household? Then this option is something to consider; through incorporating lights into the sprout this tap can give your kitchen a super cool and mesmerising feature, particularly best partnered with LED Spotlights throughout the rest of the kitchen.  

Do you want it all? 

Just have a look at this showstopper, with this tap you can retire your kettle, sparkling water bottles and the cold-water jug in the fridge because this tap does it all. Our team at Jacob Roberts have long recommended Quooker taps, because just like Siemen’s appliances we have tried and tested their products and came back impressed. Have a look below at the source of all the rave.