With many of us missing the outside more than ever, it’s a great time to try and bring elements of the outside into our home! You’ll be surprised how adding a touch of nature into your house aesthetic can freshen up the place. With this in mind let’s dive into some ideas for how you can incorporate the outside in! 

Introducing patterns into a space is a fantastic way to push a room’s theme as well as adding some visual interest. Floral patterns and prints are not only easy to get your hands on but can be found on a variety of objects, from pillow cases to stylish wallpaper! Bonus points for finding a matching print on multiple goodies for your home to have a consistent theme or colour palette! 

Speaking of wallpaper, decorating one of your walls to be a feature wall is another brilliant way to dramatically change a room’s look and feel. Whether you simply paint it your favorite shade of green or add a beautiful wallpaper covered in foliage, you’re sure to end up with an impactful and nature inspired look! On top of this, as you’re only adding a feature wall you’ll only need to move the furniture from one side of the room, avoiding a lot less hassle overall.

Adding plants into your room is of course an obvious way to bring outdoor elements into your space, but what you might not consider is how to make them a feature rather than simply a basic accessory to sit in the corner of your room. Have you ever thought about mounting plant pots onto a feature wall? Not only is this a unique touch to your home but also totally Pinterest-worthy! 

Another great suggestion for introducing plants into your home is adding potted herbs into your kitchen. Not only are they practical and an absolute kitchen staple but they smell amazing, truly bringing a burst of freshness into your room! Try putting them on some open shelving in natural light or on your windowsill to allow them to grow best. 

Lastly, our favorite suggestion is to make use of some space you didn’t know you could use. An indoor hanging garden looks absolutely magical as well as allowing you to add plants into your kitchen, especially if your worktop space is limited. This idea also lets you hang plants right above your prep area, perfect when you’re trying to maximize efficiency in the kitchen! 

We hope you’ve found these tips inspiring and give you something to think about while stuck inside! Stay safe and enjoy your daily walks admiring your local area’s nature!