One thing we often get asked while planning out our clients dream kitchens is “Do I really need an extractor in my kitchen?”. It’s a valid question, but like most things there are a few points to weigh up before you decide. 

Firstly, you then need to decide whether a recirculating or vented out extractor is best for you. Don’t worry if you have no idea what the difference is between them, you’ll soon be an expert! 

Kitchen with angled hood extractor.
One of our past projects with an angles hood extractor.

Recirculating extractors

Siemens IQ-500 LR97CAQ50B 90 cm Ceiling Cooker Hood – Stainless Steel

Recirculating extractors work by pushing air through filters that remove any cooking odours before the air is reintroduced back into your kitchen. This gets rid of any stale air and pumps it back into the room filtered and purified. The good thing about recirculating extractors is that they don’t need to vent to your home’s exterior which saves time and cost during the installation process. They are therefore ideal if your hob is not located close to an external wall.

Vented out extractors

Siemens iQ700 LC91BUR50 Wall-Mounted Stainless Steel

A vented out extractor, also known as a ducted extractor, deals with stream and condensation by removing air out of the room and out through a stretch of ducting to outside the home. Not only does it get rid of this air but it also puts it through a filter which catches fat and grease, while the fumes and condensation are expelled outside. Although vented out extractors are considered more effective, they are a little more difficult to install due to the vent outside.

One thing to note when you are refurbishing a kitchen, is that you will need to ensure that any existing extract ventilation is retained or replaced and if you are extending your home the new room(s) should have some form of ventilation, be it a window or a fan. If there is no existing ventilation system in your kitchen, you need not install one when your new kitchen is fitted. However, many of our clients who currently don’t have them come to us with this high on their wish list as they want to avoid the additional cleaning caused by the grease build-up which occurs when cooking without an extractor, or when cooking with one that just isn’t up to the task!

So many styles to choose from!

As far as styles of extractors go, there are a lot to choose from. From chimney cooker hoods that have a more traditional look, to angled cooker hoods that stop the taller folk amongst you from bumping your head! There are plenty of different styles to suit any type of kitchen aesthetic you’re looking for! We are big fans of the inbuilt cooker hood – this extractor is housed in a wall unit, which means that you can sneak an extra bit of storage into the space as well.

One of our past projects featuring a ceiling extractor.

If a kitchen island is something you are lusting after, then you may wish to consider an induction hob with a built in extractor – these look SO sleek and are the ultimate luxury appliance for a modern, minimal look. You could also opt for a ceiling extractor or a downdraft extractor. Although the latter can create a bit of a barrier between you and your guests, some like the idea that it creates a “splatter” guard when people are sitting at the island, so there are pros and cons for this one too.

A past project featuring an induction extractor.

Another option you probably won’t have even considered is a wifi enabled extractor. As gimmicky as they sound smart, wifi enabled appliances are here and on the rise in popularity!  Not only are they perfect for those looking for a smart kitchen whose appliances can be controlled from the convenience of their phone but they’re a great option for busy families that need to make the most of every spare second. We know the difficulty first hand of putting dinner on and then going to sit with the kids only to realise you forgot to turn the extractor on. Of course these wifi enabled extractors are at the top end of the price range however if you’re looking at other wifi enabled features anyway we think they could be a great benefit to your space and how you cook.

We hope this blog has been helpful and got your brain thinking about the perfect extractor to suit you and your new kitchen! If you’re looking for more inspiration or to start the design process feel free to get in touch with us today and start your journey towards your lifestyle kitchen!