With Easter just round the corner and us all still being stuck inside you may be feeling a little downhearted about this year’s easter celebrations, especially if you don’t have an outside space during lockdown. However there is no reason you can’t have heaps of fun doing an indoor egg hunt with your family! Here are our top indoor hiding places for your Easter eggs this year!

Places to hide your Easter eggs in the kitchen.

Hiding eggs in plain sight is sometimes the most fun. Especially once your family spots them and realises how they completely looked past it! A great idea for this is hiding them in places that match the colour of the egg so they blend in. If you do egg painting this is a great chance to try and perfectly match the pattern or colour!

Fun activity for the family! Decorate Easter eggs.
Looking for a family activity? Decorate some Easter eggs!

High places are another great idea. Not many of us think to look up during these hunts only to see an egg staring down at us. On top of kitchen cabinets, lamps, wardrobes are some fantastic examples to keep everyone guessing! 

Another suggestion is sneaking them inside cupboards and drawers. This is a great way to keep them out of plain sight but also fairly easy for our shorter, more energetic family members to reach! Our favorite is hiding them in the place you store your egg cups! 

Places to hide Easter eggs at home.

For a more topical suggestion try hiding them in a toilet roll (if you have any that is). The cardboard tube is the perfect place to nestle a sneaky egg and definitely one place they will least expect! 

A place you might not have thought of is inside a coat pocket hanging up on the door. This is definitely something I would overlook, simply because it isn’t a permanent feature in the room. Not only is it the perfect place to hide it but if you end up forgetting about it, it’s the perfect surprise treat for later! 

Easter eggs hidden in a mask,.
Don’t let Covid keep you from celebrating Easter at home!

Lastly one of our personal favorites is hiding them not only in cupboards but in something in that cupboard so it’s twice as hidden! A great one is inside the kitchen cabinet, inside a mug. Although this might be bordering on expert level egg hunting tactics we think this would be great for the final hidden egg to end the game! 

We hope these tips have got you even more excited for Easter this year. We know it probably won’t be your usual routine but we know that the extra time you have with your family at home will bring you many amazing memories to look back on!  Stay safe and have a wonderful day!