Being stuck at home, however not ideal should be seen as a great opportunity to focus on the things that matter most to us. Not only are we spending more time with our family but also our home. With so much time now being spent in our space it gives us the perfect excuse to do a few improvements in between watching Netflix and spending time with the kids! 

  • Our first idea for you is an activity you can get the whole family involved in. If you have any jars or pots lying around it’s time to start decorating them! Grab some paints (acrylics or paint markers work best) and get decorating! The pots can be used to plant herbs in for your kitchen window while the jars are perfect for storing anything from pasta to grains. It might be hard to relinquish control to the children (if yours aren’t yet budding artists!) but final result will be a collection of personalised, functional items that will forever remind you all of the time you spent creating them together.
  • Sometimes the need for a positive mindset from being cooped up indoors requires a fresh start of some kind. One thing we really recommend trying is having a move around of furniture, especially if doing so will provide you with some much needed additional space in the room. Before you start shifting everything about we recommend drawing out a rough floor plan of what you have in mind. Not only is this a great opportunity to change the look and feel of your room without spending a penny but the perfect excuse to have a tidy up of that room.
A cosy living room space featuring the centre piece of one of our TV & media unit projects.
a gorgeous pantry space from one of our past kitchen projects.
  • With us all doing our best to avoid going out to the shops, having a clear out of your kitchen cupboards is a great way to get your head around exactly what you’ve got stored and start meal planning! You can also take this time to rearrange where you store everything, moving the things that need eating first more towards the front and the pots and pans you use the least out of the way. I’ve already discovered that I’m basically a Michelin starred chef with what I have been able to create from store cupboard staples!
  • Another great idea is to refresh your room by introducing an accent colour into a room of your choice. Grab a pot of paint of your chosen colour and a collection of items you may already have such as vases or pictures and move them into the room. Then take any other ornaments that need a change of colour and paint them! Picture frames, pots, that side table that you always meant to redecorate! These additions should tie the whole space together, and of course if you get bored of your chosen colour in the future there’s always another pot of paint waiting.  
  • Lastly the final thing you’ll love to try is redressing your hallway! As the first place people walk into when they visit your home (and arguably the only place that helpful neighbours or strangers will be able to see for the next month or so) it’s a great space that is often overlooked. Try bringing some cheer into your hallway by filling it with things that make you smile such as your favourite plants, pictures of your family and don’t forget to keep it neat and tidy. If you feel like your hallway is cramped or dark try introducing a mirror. Not only will it reflect the light but it’s also a great place to have one so you can make sure you’re looking your usual gorgeous self before you go out! 

We hope you’ve found these tips inspiring and give you something positive to do in this difficult time. Our thoughts go out to anyone being affected by COVID-19 and wish you all the best of luck!