Redoing your kitchen can be a fantastic process full of inspiration, collaboration and allowing you to reflect on your home as a whole. However, before you rush in to choosing the colour of your new kitchen and what cooker to add there are 5 things that we know from experience are key for our clients to know beforehand! 

The first thing to consider when thinking about your new kitchen is the layout. It’s all too easy to take out your old kitchen and put in a new one without considering the many other possibilities, especially if your used to how your old kitchen flows, but with a little experimentation you’ll see how other layouts could add so much more to your space. There are such a variety of options to think about, such as allowing for more worktop space to cook, working islands to help add more functionality to your room and even exploring smart storage options like magic corners. 

Another important point to think about is alicating a reasonable budget to your project. Not only is it important to make sure you know how much your kitchen is going to cost but a good idea is to ensure you have some money set aside for unexpected issues that may be uncovered during the works. This could be anything from incorrect wiring to structural issues. By being prepared you can avoid any financial issues and allowing the project to continue on smoothly! 

Although this may seem obvious, it’s essential that you are able to visualize your kitchen as a whole. The best way to do this is by putting your various samples together, seeing how the colours and textures work together. Finding complimenting materials can make or break a kitchen so by seeing them in person before they are fitted into your space, you can be sure it’s perfect for you and your home. 

Speaking about materials, knowing how to take care of your kitchen before you commit to it is a great way to narrow down the perfect style and finish for your kitchen. For instance, wooden worktops need to be regularly treated but can easily be sanded if they get knocked or scratched. By knowing the positives and negatives of each material you can be sure your new kitchen doesn’t just look great, but stays looking great.

Lastly, as much as we love designing our kitchen, looking on pinterest and getting carried away with the most stunning kitchen ideas, its key to think about how your kitchen fits with your house as a whole. Although this doesn’t matter to everyone, some people like to have a vision for their home, and for some a sleek true handle-less kitchen may not suit their country cottage or Tudor townhouse

We hope these 5 tips have helped prepare you for your exciting future project. If you still have any unanswered questions feel free to get in touch with us or pop into our high street showroom in Biggleswade. We’d be happy to help and get your inspired!